Food additives do you really know? 
2019-10-17 07:06:21


First, food safety problems are caused by food additives

In fact, many food safety problems are caused by the addition of non-edible substances in food. The plasticizer storm in Taiwan is a typical example. Plasticizer is not a raw material for food, nor is it a food additive at all.

Myth # 2: food additives are toxic

Legal food additives, as long as used in accordance with national standards, are not toxic to human body (lifetime use also need not worry about safety).

Myth # 3: food additives are chemicals

There are hundreds of varieties of food additives, some of which are man-made and chemically synthesized, but there are also many food additives, which are natural extracts or combinations of natural extracts. For example: the inside of the food additive, chicken, chicken powder, freshness king ointment is like the chicken in the kitchen, monosodium glutamate, chicken juice concentrate is a bare-foot brother, concentration of the former is 10 times as much as the latter, also is the indispensable raw materials, making the latter family consumption, with chicken, MSG, but food processing user demand is big, better with effect of the king of chicken powder, freshness, cost more cost-effective.

Myth # 4: food additives are not good for your health. Potassium citrate

Correct analysis: the purpose of the use of food additives, is to improve the color, smell, taste, shape of food, so that consumers eat more healthy delicious. Some food packages that say "no preservatives" are misleading. As any food is stored, it will slowly become stale, and then the flavor will begin to change, and finally it will spoil without any preservatives. What will happen to the food in the consumers' mouth? On the contrary, if properly added preservatives, food in the shelf life can be kept fresh will not spoil, more conducive to consumer health. There are also "nutrient enhancers," such as iodine in iodized salt, zinc gluconate in oral solution and calcium in calcium gluconate, all of which are food additives and are certainly beneficial to human health.



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