What is the main industrial use of ferrous sulfate?
2019-12-10 00:46:13


Ferrous sulphate for industrial use

Ferrous sulfate for industrial use is a by-product of titanium dioxide production plant by sulphuric acid method. Soluble in water, glycerin, insoluble in ethanol, corrosive, deliquescent weathering. Appearance of fruit green, low impurity content. Mainly used for manufacturing magnetic iron oxide, water purifier, disinfectant, etc. Soluble in water (1 g/ml, 1.5 25 ℃ or 1 g / 0.5 ml of water). Insoluble in ethanol. It's reductive. Toxic gases are given off by high thermal decomposition. In the laboratory, copper sulfate solution can be obtained by reaction with iron. It will decompose in dry air. Brown - yellow basic iron sulfate which is easily oxidized into water - insoluble in moist air. 10% aqueous solution is acidic to litmus (Ph about 3.7). Heating to 70 ~ 73 ℃ lost three water molecules, lose 6 water molecules to 80 ~ 123 ℃, 156 ℃ above into a base type ferric sulfate.

Industrial application: used for making polyferric sulfate, or as water treatment purifier, food additive, ink as coal dye, tanning agent, bleaching agent, wood preservative and disinfectant, etc.



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