The merits and demerits of food additives
2019-12-09 23:35:37


        Food additives are chemical compounds or natural substances added to food for the purpose of improving the quality of food such as color, aroma and taste, as well as for the need of anti-corrosion and processing technology. At present, there are 23 categories and more than 2000 varieties of food additives in China, including acidity modifier, anti-coagulant, defoaming agent, antioxidant, bleach, leavening agent, colorant, protectant, enzyme preparation, flavoring agent, nutritive fortifier, preservative, sweetener, thickening agent, spice and so on.

        Definition of food additives is not the same countries around the world, the United Nations food and agriculture organization (FAO) and the world health organization (WHO) joint committee on food additives food regulations are defined as food additive is consciously general with a small amount added to the food, to improve the appearance and flavor of food and organizational structure or the nature of the storage of nutrients. According to this definition, food fortifiers intended to enhance the nutritional content of food should not be included in the scope of food additives.

        Food additives greatly promote the development of the food industry, and known as the soul of the modern food industry, this is mainly because it brings many benefits to the food industry, it can prevent food deterioration, improve the sensory properties of food, maintain and improve the nutritional value of food and so on.

        Many people believe that food additives must be harmful to human health based on their own feelings, which is wrong. As long as we use food additives according to the national standard, it will not cause harm to our body.

In fact, people are just frightened by the increasing food problems. Sudan red incident, dyed steamed bread, bleached white fungus, tainted milk powder and other food safety accidents that have occurred frequently in recent years are all related to food additives. Ordinary people will have a bad impression on food additives.

        In fact, food additives are innocent, but more and more unscrupulous traders in the interests of the drive, not in accordance with national standards, illegal in the food to add some of the countries expressly prohibited the use of additives, such as sanlu milk powder melamine, pork in the clenbuterol, and so on.

Still have a few people for the benefit, oneself blend a few illegal food additive, or use a few expired raw material to make food additive, these additive can produce not little harm to human body.



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