Preserved eggs and copper sulfate
2019-10-17 07:11:51


In June 2013, CCTV exposed the preserved eggs preserved with industrial copper sulfate by some enterprises in jiangxi province, which once again drew attention to food safety. For a time, people also invented a new title: "copper sulfate preserved egg", and for the criticism of copper sulfate is unending. Some people even claim to make preserved eggs with traditional formula to ensure safety. In view of the current situation, I have long felt the need to write something, which does little to change the current situation of food safety in China -- but, now, it can only be so.

So, let's talk about preserved eggs and copper sulfate.

I. traditional preserved egg processing technology:

Although there are various formulas and processes for processing songhua preserved egg, the main raw materials generally include quicklime (CaO), soda ash (Na2CO3), plant ash (K2CO3), salt, huangdan powder, tea and so on.

According to the requirements of the above formula, the required ash into the container, water preparation. Quicklime first reacts with water to produce hydrated lime, and then hydrated lime reacts with soda ash and potassium carbonate respectively to produce sodium hydroxide and potassium hydroxide. In order to make the material in the hair material sufficient reaction, the preparation can be used after 24 hours.

Roll the fresh eggs in the prepared ash for several times, so that the surface of the eggshell evenly coated with a layer of ash powder, remove, and then roll a few times in the rice bran or sawdust, so that the ash above a layer of rice chaff or sawdust. Gently squeezed with the hand, make its fastening, into the prepared container, airtight container, in 18 ~ 24 ℃ ambient temperature, for a period of time after edible.



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