Irreplaceable advantages of dipotassium hydrogen phosphate
2019-12-14 16:27:15


For fruit farmers, dipotassium phosphate is irreplaceable, so what are its benefits? Next by the technical experts for us to introduce, I believe that after you read, there will be a lot of harvest.


1, the PH value is mild and slightly acid, can be mixed with most pesticides and fertilizers, and can increase the efficiency.

2. It is rich in phosphorus and potassium nutrients, and the comprehensive content of phosphorus and potassium is the highest among all fertilizer products.

3. When using potassium dihydrogen phosphate, fruit farmers are advised to choose potassium dihydrogen phosphate with high purity and good quality.

4. High-quality potassium dihydrogen phosphate is chlorine-free, low in impurities, low in salt index, excellent in water solubility, safe and non-toxic.

5. High-quality potassium dihydrogen phosphate can be used in a variety of ways, including spraying, irrigation, root dipping and transplanting, seed soaking and seed mixing, and basic application.

6. High quality potassium dihydrogen phosphate has a high absorption rate and fast absorption rate when sprayed on the leaf surface. It can be directly absorbed and utilized by crops 30 minutes after spraying, with a quick and obvious effect.

The above is the introduction of irreplaceable benefits of dipotassium hydrogen phosphate. If you still want to learn more about this aspect, or you are satisfied with our dipotassium hydrogen phosphate, you can contact us through online message or telephone, and we will give you more help. Finally, I wish you a happy life.



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