Dipotassium hydrogen phosphate is used in cherry topdressing
2019-10-17 07:08:55


Dipotassium hydrogen phosphate is a very common kind of potash fertilizer, which has a promoting effect on the growth of many crops. One of them is used as topdressing for cherries. Here is an introduction


Plant experts say dipotassium hydrogen phosphate has an important role in promoting the growth of cherries:

We know that cherry trees grow quickly, in stages, and intensively. The branch and leaf growth and flowering were concentrated in the first half of the growing season. It only takes 40-60 days for cherries to blossom and mature, so the amount of stored nutrients greatly affects the size and quality of fruits in the coming year. In order to promote seedling growth, in addition to the autumn application of base fertilizer, should also be based on soil drought and seedling growth and timely watering topdressing.

The top dressing time was before flowering or the first time of fruit growth for a long time, and the nitrogen fertilizer with quick effect was the main one, which could improve fruit setting rate, promote shoot growth and leaf hypertrophy, and lay a good foundation for flower bud differentiation. At the initial stage of flowering, 500 times diluted boron fertilizer and 600 times diluted potassium dihydrogen phosphate were sprayed on the leaves to significantly increase the fruit setting rate so as to increase yield.

The above is the introduction of dipotassium hydrogen phosphate in cherry topdressing. If you have any questions about this, and plan to consult relevant information, please feel free to leave a message online or contact us by phone



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