Learn from lei feng's good example, volunteer service tree new wind
2019-10-17 07:06:47


In order to carry forward the spirit of lei feng and inherit the traditional virtues of respecting, loving, respecting and helping the aged of the Chinese nation, on the afternoon of March 18, 2019, the volunteer service team of jiangsu colendor food ingredients co., ltd. walked into the nursing home of zhuxu village in yanzhuang, jiangsu province, and carried out the volunteer service activity of learning from lei feng. In the activity, the volunteers give gifts of sympathy to the old people; Massage shoulder circumference for the elderly; To explain to the elderly dietary safety precautions and health knowledge; Help the old people tidy up the room, clean, for them to send love; Volunteers zhang xin, also for the old man sang the traditional Chinese opera huangmei opera "who is the first in the emperor's list" and huaihai opera "suspected chang e came to earth" and other wonderful clips, not only for the scene of the old people brought joy, but also with practical action to practice the "respect for the old, love the old, respect the old, help the old" solemn commitment.


After the event, the volunteers said that they would continue to carry forward the spirit of dedication of volunteers, and actively encourage more people around to participate in the volunteer team, will continue to pass the love, let lei feng spirit forever.



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