Fireworks in March plum blossom, "38" festival laugh) jiangsu kelunduo "38" organization of women workers to yilushan plum garden tourism
2020-01-18 06:18:33


        March 8 is international women's day, in order to make all the female employees can have a rich and happy happy holiday, jiangsu koren much food ingredients co., LTD., the day on March 8, organizes all female employees to spring forth guanyun county in Iraq meiyuan scenery interest relay, the plum flower, visit the autumn passed; the ShaYing company and visit dovetail port freight terminal and other activities. Spring of the plum garden, the wind and the sun are beautiful, in the tour of the plum garden, we enjoy the beauty of the plum blossom in full bloom, while sucking the natural pure flowers, feel the beautiful scenery of nature in spring; In the process of "spring goes to autumn" relay race, everyone eagerly signs up, closely cooperate with each other, take the lead and compete for the first place. In the waves of support and Shouting, we decide to be the top six, which reflects the spirit of female employees of kelunduo who are not afraid of difficulties and strive to make something of themselves.In order to make every employee feel the company's development prospects and development speed, afternoon again organization women employees to jiangsu ShaYing xi industrial co., LTD. Visit, project construction field, listened to Xu Hao ShaYing company general manager for all projects and progress, make the scene of the women can feel ShaYing company cadre staff that does not fear the difficulty, race against time and dedication to the spirit of state; Finally, the company designed the total of all of the female staff warm remarks, made in the field of all the female employees feel not only the company rapid development speed, but also to make every women inspired and driven, let every female employees of the company is filled with hope, tomorrow have said: had to work hard in the future, is not let a man, for koren company make positive contribution to the development of health. In the end, all the female workers were organized to visit the cargo terminal of yanwei port and take photos as a souvenir to draw a perfect end to the one-day journey.




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